Danish Projects

DIVA (Danish International Visiting Artists Programme) is an "artist in residence"-programme in Denmark, through which JazzDanmark has brought several artists for longer stays in Denmark
JazzDanmark has joined forces with BørneJazzKlubben (The Children's Jazz Club) in a project that aims to secure the very youngest audience groups access to quality jazz over the entire country.
Danish Music Awards Jazz is the annual award show, paying tribute to the Danish jazz-releases and the Danish jazz-industry.
Summer Session is a unique training opportunity for professional Danish and Nordic jazz musicians. The rally takes place every year in August on Vallekilde School in Jutland and features international top-performers as instructors.
Young Jazz in Denmark is a talent competition for young jazz orchestras. The competition has developed throughout the past 10 years, to become an important launch pad for the young Danish jazz scene.
Each year JazzDanmark cooperates with a number of festivals to present the latest in Danish jazz.
In the fall of 2012, JazzDanmark launches the smartphone application Live Jazz Danmark, collecting information on jazz-concerts in Denmark and Danish jazz-concerts abroad in one place - free for all.