Out on the town with the bastards

As a part of the school tour 'Town Bastards ' the group Girls in Airports are out in the country to play for a somewhat different audience than they're accustomed to. Young people who do not necessarily have much knowledge of jazz and who need to learn that jazz is not at all about  old men in smoky basements. Tonight  Krogerup  welcome them.


As the white mansion from the 1700s lies there, shrouded in autumn darkness, there is little evidence to suggest that one of the most exciting young Danish jazz bands will play tonight. Since Girls in Airports' selftitled debut album was released in 2010, things have only gone one way for the five musicians, who are aged 25-30 years. A Danish Music Awards, performing at Copenhagen Jazz Festival and winners of the Young Jazz competition is what it has scome to so far. Tonight  offers yet another musical experience for those present and for the band.


A band at eye level

The concert will be held in the school's auditorium. The band is placed on the floor in front of the stage. Before them stands chairs set up in a semicircle. Two smaller lightspots in the ceiling represents, along with a few tea lights, the evening's simple lighting. While working on getting the spots to point in the right direction, the  hall is starting to buzz with life. Tonight's audience is mostly students, and most are not much younger than the youngest of the five musicians, they have come to hear. Those who arrive a bit later, must take place standing along the wall or on some tables sat along the wall  .


Vestfyn, coffee and apple cake

The first notes escapes Victor Dybbroe xylophone. A little insistent tune that grows larger until the whole band grabs it and then  the the whole audience. Coffee, water and apple pie is offered to the attendees. More people choose to enjoy a beer or two from the bar. "Yesterday, when we played at Victor's old school, people were dancing. It was crazy," says saxophonist Lars Greve after the concert. On this evening people don't dances , even though the band's second saxophonist, Martin Stender, indirect calls for it. The audience listens and nod their heads in time with the pulsating rhythms. Each song is met by loud applause. Some even yell.


Got hot 

"It was really cool tonight. They (the audience, ed.) just needed to be warmed up," says Lars Greve. And both band and audience got hot. So hot, that the audience calls for extra songs  after the original set is over. Something that puts a smile on the faces of the five band members, as they nicely say 'thank you for tonight "to the audience . "If you want more music, we have CDs for sale over there,"  Martin Stender says  before people break up. Most slip into the school's own bar, and you are again reminded that it is not exactly jazz, which has pride of place among the country's youth.


Out of town

Although Girls in Airports already have two records on their résomé and a number of fine concerts, it does not mean that they wade into success. For a young band, it is often difficult to get out and play. "It's a  good opportunity for us to get outside Copenhagen and play. And it gives us some more playing experience, "says Lars Greve about 'Town Bastards ' project. A project that had given the band the opportunity to play for a segment that they otherwise never would have played for.


Young stars

"They were really good," concludes Jackieline Christensen and Leah Friedberg unanimous after the concert. Both are far from jazz connoisseurs but  like so many others, it was an experience for them. "It was different and new to me. Especially with all the percussion and rattle-thing, I have not really heard that in a jazz context before," explains Leah Friedberg afterwards. And after the concert the band sell  a part of their packed CDs. They even "find themselves" in a little Stardom, when a couple of girls want their copies signed. "Then we can sell them when you become famous," the  two happy buyers chuckle. The situation makes the band laugh a little, but we still hope for Girls in Airport that the prophecy comes true.


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Girls in Airports - Krogerup Højskole den 27.9.2011