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Application-deadlines for spring 2014:                  

january 16th, march 26th, may 27th. untill 24.00 p.m.


JazzDanmark Puljen offers financial travel aid for Danish musicians in order to fund projects with an international character. Through JazzDanmark Puljen you can apply for:


  •  financial support to cover travel costs for tours abroad
  •  financial support to cover foreign soloists' travel expenses to Denmark in connection with activities with Danish musicians.


To apply JazzDanmark Puljen please use our online application form through the menu at the top left. Please read the following guidelines thoroughly before applying.


An applicant may not apply other more of genetic associations for the same project and JazzDanmark Puljen naturally only supports activities related to jazz. Aid amounts typically range between 2.000 and 15.000 Danish Kroner.


An artistic committee consisting of will review all applications.




  • Applications must be submitted before the event starts.
  • Financial support for international activities requires a minimum of three concerts within a limited period. Exceptions are appearances at international festivals, showcases and international competitions (see definitions below).
  • Financial support for international soloists requires a minimum of three concerts in Denmark, with the soloist. The concerts may well be a part of a major international tour.
  • Within 30 days after finishing the event a report is to be made regarding the output gained from the activities as well as information on relevant contacts (venues, bookers, etc.) which is then sent to JazzDanmark and used in their database.
  • Furthermore, send in accounts and in case of deviations from the original budget there must be accounted for these.



JazzDanmark Puljen is for transportation funding only and therefore does not support



Study tours

Marketing and promotional activities (with the exception of the possibility of support for showcases)

Administrative expenses and operational support to orchestras

Composition fees

Participation in workshops or seminars

Deficit coverage of projects that have already taken place



Emphasis is on:

A high artistic level: The emphasis is on a high artistic level in terms of both composition and execution, and a professional execution.

A reasonable budget: It’s emphasized that there is a reasonable relationship between revenues and expenditures. Fees in connection with tour activities abroad are not expected to be lower than the local musicians' fees for similar concerts.

Maximum benefit: It’s emphasized that the project enjoys maximum benefit from the funds allocated. For example, that in connection with international soloists' visit to Denmark, workshops are organized on relevant institutions (e.g. academies), or that other parties are involved in tour activities abroad (e.g. a record label that can help with establishing distribution agreements etc.).



Responses to application

You can expect a written reply within 3 weeks after the deadline.

Any information on the outcome of an application is disclosed only in writing, not over the telephone.




Can be given in connection with invitations to individual appearances at international festivals, showcases and participation in international competitions. If your application does not qualify you must justify your request for an exemption in your project.




International jazz festival: An international jazz festival is an organization that defines itself as a festival and hosts several concerts over a continuous period of time. The application must clearly explain why the concert you are looking to get support for is crucial for you and for your future career.

Showcase: A showcase means an event where, with a certain probability, there are several potential buyers of the orchestra's future live performances, recordings or others who might have an interest in the orchestra. Most often, a band is not expected to receive fees for participating in a showcase.

Competition: A competition means an internationally recognized competition.




The granted amount of aid is disbursed after the project is held, and when accounting and report has been submitted and approved.

Payment takes place when submitting the payment request containing the file number, name, address, CPR/CVR- # and bank details to project coordinator, Marga Bokelund (marga@jazzdanmark.dk). Payment requests can be downloaded at the bottom of this page for both Danish and foreign banks.

NOTE: The tax authorities require that the information submitted is identical to the information enclosed in the application.

It may take up to 14 days after we receive your payment request before the money is paid out.


To apply JazzDanmark Puljen please use our online application form (see left menu at the top of this page). If you have further questions for your application, you can always call on +45 33 45 43 00 or send an email to marga@jazzdanmark.dk.